About us

Nearshore Outsourcing Software Development from Europe, in Greece


UpcoMinds is a dynamic IT solutions company, based in Athens, Brussels and Limassol with 20 years of experience, the last 10 in the provision of project-based or task-based software development nearshore outsourcing.
A Greek nearshore outsourcing software development company aiming to give you an unparalleled service and reduce your costs and time-to-market.

Our Company History

  1. Belgium 1997

    The Big Bang! We are an IT company originally founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1997.

  2. 2007, Greece

    At the beginning of 2007, our company expanded in Athens, Greece, where most of the development activity takes place.

  3. 2017, Cyprus

    We decided to grow bigger and opened our new premises in Limassol Cyprus



Bld. Louis Schmidt 16
1040 Etterbeek, Brussels
Tel: +32-2-3180313



Souliou 2 & Vouliagmenis Ave. 324
173 42, Ag. Dimitrios, Athens
Tel: +30-210-3008888



Αgias Paraskevis 23
7th floor B2 2002, Nicosia
Tel: +357-22008340

Why Choose Us

A partner to trust

We built successful business partnership based on trust, collaboration and delivering value. Partnering with us is more than just a handshake.

Company sound financial position

Financially healthy company picture.

EU Based

Based in Athens Greece with offices in Cyprus and Brussels. Ideally located in EU with minimal time difference from the other European countries.

Competitive pricing and flexible agreements

In this competitive environment, flexible pricing and agreement adaptability to customer needs is of prime importance to us.

Open minded and mobility accustomed

We listen to our customers and we are willing to consider ideas and opinions that maybe different to our own. Mobility is built on our business DNA.

Strong testimonials

Our partnerships to date are potent arguments to our favor.

Highly educated, multilingual, experienced resources.

Our people have the right balance between education and work experience. An ideal combination of both knowledge and technical understanding supported by problem solving abilities and essential skills. Experienced and reliable professionals with strong communication skills in a multilingual European environment, especially in English.

Client oriented - customer centric

Our strategy has always been to put the customer first. We strive to satisfy his IT needs and to provide him a positive experience based also on long-term trust relationship.


To whom it may concern, We appreciate the knowledge and experience that UpcoMinds have brought to our projects and we thoroughly enjoy working with them. The UpcoMinds team has a high level of technical expertise in software development, strong management, exceptional professionalism and effectiveness, always delivering value to all assignments. We look forward to continuing our mutual cooperation, and we truly recommend UpcoMinds as a reliable, valuable and professional partner in software development. We look forward to many more years of continued partnership. If you are looking for a great resource for nearshore software development, UpcoMinds is whom you should be talking to.

Tom V

General Manager, Pan-European FinTech company

UpCoMinds is a "result" oriented IT company and tailor made software provider. They use their extensive technical knowledge and own Agile based project management methodology to meet clients objectives. They represent a great added value partner for any one involved in software development. Remote or On-Site collaboration and communication are simplified by all their open minded and results minded experts and employees.

If it can be done... UpcoMinds will deliver it. If it can't be done... They will save you from technical and financial disaster.

Marc Vanryckeghem

Technical Director, SkylaneOptics