NearShore IT Services from Greece

Discover the technical excellence and the friendly mentality of Information Technology professionals residing in Greece and offering their services all over Europe!

Why Greece?

Limited IT resources worldwide

IT professionals are limited all over the world, reducing the ability of numerous organisations to enforce automation and the implementation of much needed digital transformation.

Availability in Greece

Greece, due mainly to the long-lasting financial recession it went through, stands better in the overall scarcity of IT resources, with some parts of it showing increased unemployment.

Greek-European fit!

The strong European mentality, the western culture that is common to most western European countries and the desire to succeed after a country failure, make Greek IT professionals perfect for any modern project.
The Greek IT professionals having migrated to other European countries are the proof of this statement, with more than 200.000 of them being an integral part of numerous IT projects in Europe.

IT Services For Europe From Greece

Upcom has always been a strong believer in the ability of Greek IT professionals to offer high-quality services to western European organisations via a near-shore agreement. Professionals are based in Greece, work remotely for their clients and meet with them as needed. With more than 8 years solid experience now, we can safely state that our belief has been realised and we look forward to the wide-spread acceptance of this collaboration.

DevelopRENT your Team

The service is an enhanced version of the usual remote Time & Means agreement. Our resources are assigned to the client organisation (full time or part-time), receive and follow instructions given by the client responsible while working from a remote location.
The resources assigned to a client are screened by Upcom’s HR department based on the client requirements, interviewed and approved by the client. The same process is followed whenever a resource needs to be replaced, irrespective of the replacement reason.
What is unique in DevelopRENT though is the ability of the client to directly recruit the remote team, making it part of the client organisation! Those remote teams gradually build invaluable knowledge of the client’s core business making them an indispensable part of their teams. This knowledge represents an important investment from the client side and Upcom acknowledges that. As client success and satisfaction are paramount for Upcom, this additional service has been well thought and implemented to make this transition as smooth as possible. Ask for more details and we will be happy to answer them.


Software development

Backend: Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS
Frontend: HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Ionic
Mobile: Hybrid with PhoneGap, native Android (Java/Kotlin), native iOS (Objective C/Swift)
Content Management Systems: Drupal, WordPress

UX/UI Design

Design Thinking, prototyping

System administration / DevOps

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows Server
HyperVisors: VMWare, KVM, HyperV
Network: CISCO
DevOps: Ansible, Puppet

Implementation consulting

Experienced IT and Business consultants are able to configure and parameterise custom or off-the-shelve software solutions, according to your needs.


Extend core team

The multinational acquires rapidly new clients and sees the needs to support them increasing day by day. This temporal pick in demand does not though justify new employee recruitment. They sign a near-shore agreement with Upcom, who provides the missing resources to complete the projects successfully.

Complement business team

An SME specialised in a specific business domain wants quick idea-to-market implementation. They keep the business knowledge internally, assigning the full responsibility for the technical implementation to Upcom. The SME could not afford to establish a software development line in the company, both financially and in terms of time. Upcom offered them the resources and the technical know-how needed to perform the implementation of their business idea in a short time.

Create competition

A medium size company from western Europe has most of their IT needs supported by the company subsidiary (development centre) based in an Eastern European country. After 10 years of existence, the development centre shows signs of fatigue.  The client signed a near-shore agreement with Upcom to cover needs difficult to support by the core development centre.  A few years later, an indirect competition has been established between the client’s development centre and Upcom’s teams, resulting in an increase in productivity and better overall results for the client.

Be part of the client organisation

After a successful collaboration of more than two years, a medium size client from western Europe decided to transform the near-shore agreement to a Greek company, owned by them. The IT professionals working under the previous agreement as Upcom employees have been transferred to the new company and are now employees of the western European group of companies!