Why Greece?

Limited IT resources worldwide

IT professionals are limited all over the world, reducing the ability of numerous organisations to enforce automation and the implementation of much needed digital transformation.

Availability in Greece

Greece, due mainly to the long-lasting financial recession it went through, stands better in the overall scarcity of IT resources, with some parts of it showing increased unemployment.

Greek-European fit!

The strong European mentality, the western culture that is common to most western European countries and the desire to succeed after a country failure, make Greek IT professionals perfect for any modern project.
The Greek IT professionals having migrated to other European countries are the proof of this statement, with more than 200.000 of them being an integral part of numerous IT projects in Europe.

IT Services For Europe From Greece

Upcom has always been a strong believer in the ability of Greek IT professionals to offer high-quality services to western European organisations via a near-shore agreement. Professionals are based in Greece, work remotely for their clients and meet with them as needed. With more than 8 years solid experience now, we can safely state that our belief has been realised and we look forward to the wide-spread acceptance of this collaboration.