Extend core team

The multinational acquires rapidly new clients and sees the needs to support them increasing day by day. This temporal pick in demand does not though justify new employee recruitment. They sign a near-shore agreement with Upcom, who provides the missing resources to complete the projects successfully.

Complement business team

An SME specialised in a specific business domain wants quick idea-to-market implementation. They keep the business knowledge internally, assigning the full responsibility for the technical implementation to Upcom. The SME could not afford to establish a software development line in the company, both financially and in terms of time. Upcom offered them the resources and the technical know-how needed to perform the implementation of their business idea in a short time.

Create competition

A medium size company from western Europe has most of their IT needs supported by the company subsidiary (development centre) based in an Eastern European country. After 10 years of existence, the development centre shows signs of fatigue.  The client signed a near-shore agreement with Upcom to cover needs difficult to support by the core development centre.  A few years later, an indirect competition has been established between the client’s development centre and Upcom’s teams, resulting in an increase in productivity and better overall results for the client.

Be part of the client organisation

After a successful collaboration of more than two years, a medium size client from western Europe decided to transform the near-shore agreement to a Greek company, owned by them. The IT professionals working under the previous agreement as Upcom employees have been transferred to the new company and are now employees of the western European group of companies!