DevelopRENT your Team

The service is an enhanced version of the usual remote Time & Means agreement. Our resources are assigned to the client organisation (full time or part-time), receive and follow instructions given by the client responsible while working from a remote location.
The resources assigned to a client are screened by Upcom’s HR department based on the client requirements, interviewed and approved by the client. The same process is followed whenever a resource needs to be replaced, irrespective of the replacement reason.
What is unique in DevelopRENT though is the ability of the client to directly recruit the remote team, making it part of the client organisation! Those remote teams gradually build invaluable knowledge of the client’s core business making them an indispensable part of their teams. This knowledge represents an important investment from the client side and Upcom acknowledges that. As client success and satisfaction are paramount for Upcom, this additional service has been well thought and implemented to make this transition as smooth as possible. Ask for more details and we will be happy to answer them.