What is the minimum duration of a contract?

That’s up to you! After initial trial periods,  Upcom requires that a one-month notice is respected from both sides. Some of our existing clients asked us to extend this period to three or even six months, for their own benefit.
We are ready to discuss uneven notice periods if this is fair and justified.

My team has an enormous knowledge of the product. How do we transfer that to the new team?

This is frequently the reality. Not only business knowledge can be difficult to grasp, sometimes projects are already in a mature phase and it is impossible to start again from scratch!
We have worked and continue working under those conditions. Knowledge sharing is indispensable and Upcom pays special attention to it. Our guidelines in those cases are:
– one or two weeks of self-training on the project, based on documentation, running application and/or source code
– one or two weeks of on-site training, provided by the client; training can take place either at the client premises or Upcom premises
– take-over activities for as long as it is needed
– face-to-face communication as needed
All professionals are of Greek nationality and can freely travel across the European Union.

How quickly can you setup a team?

We are fast! In the majority of the cases, we are building teams from scratch; given though that the Greek market offers several qualified professionals and our HR team is highly efficient, we normally build a team in less than two weeks time. That includes initial screening by our HR, interviews with the client representatives and contractual work needed to start the project.

Can I try your solution?

All our contracts start with an initial trial period of one month, allowing an immediate stop of the project, should things do not work out as expected.
Additionally, Upcom offers one week for free for selected teams and clients. Send us an email with a description of your needs to qualify for this free period.

I am not happy with some resources in the team. What can be done?

Upcom respects the desire of the client and immediately launches a procedure to replace the resource(s).

If the professional(s) to be replaced has(ve) gained significant know-how, their replacement is carefully planned with the client. There is always a take-over/hand-over period in which Upcom participates in the costs.